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Mercy For Animals

Peter Singer

Quote Of The Week

As to their economical conceptions, the anarchists, in common with all socialists, of whom they constitute the left wing, maintain that the now prevailing system of private ownership in land, and our capitalist production for the sake of profits, represent a monopoly which runs against both the principles of justice and the dictates of utility. They are the main obstacle which prevents the successes of modern technics from being brought into the service of all, so as to produce general well-being. The anarchists consider the wage-system and capitalist production altogether as an obstacle to progress. But they point out also that the state was, and continues to be, the chief instrument for permitting the few to monopolize the land, and the capitalists to appropriate for themselves a quite disproportionate share of the yearly accumulated surplus of production. Consequently, while combating the present monopolization of land, and capitalism altogether, the anarchists combat with the same energy the state, as the main support of that system. Not this or that special form, but the state altogether, whether it be a monarchy or even a republic governed by means of the referendum.
"Anarchism", from The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910. found via Anarchy Archives

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Quote Of The Day

'And in fact it was all real, at least in appearance'
-Roberto Bolano in 2666

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Quote Of The Week

"I know it's your fucking shed."
David Lynch, in DumbLand

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Quote Of The Week

"I am the moonfaced flower child I am
I venture into a dreamland, where I am living on the edge"
Spencer Krug from the Dreamland EP



Deborah Harry

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I'm all 'aw shucks'

Because CCLaP named 'The Late Work Of Margaret Kroftis' one of the best experimental novels of 2009.

The Mayfair Set

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Upcoming Albums I'm Excited About

Midlake- The Courage Of Others
Xiu Xiu- Dear God I Hate Myself
Vampire Weekend- Contra
Moonface-Dreamland EP
The Besnard Lakes-The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night
She & Him -Vol. 2
Shearwater- The Golden Archipelago

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