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Favorite Albums Of 2018

Orchetre National De France, conducted by Riccardo Muti: Tchaikovski, Symphonie No 6 ‘Pathetic Synmphony’.

William Basinski: A Shadow In Time.
 Max Richter: Three Worlds.
 Tobin Sprout: The Universe And Me.
 Denis Kozhukhin: Brahms, Ballads And Fantasies.
 Visible Cloaks: Reassemblage.
 Bing & Ruth: No Home Of The Mind.
 Sarah Davachi: All My Circles Run.
 Jacasek: KWIATY.
 Lea Bertucci: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air.
 Mount Eerie: A Crow Looked At Me.
 Craig Finn: We All Want The Same Things.
 Various Artists: Mono No Aware.
 Daniel Brandt: Eternal Something.
 Clark: Death Peak, Rellik EP.
 Valgeir Sigurosson: Dissonance.
 Jlin: Black Origami.
 Slowdive: Slowdive.
 Burial: Subtemple/Beachfires, Rodent, Pre dawn/Indoors.
 Chuck Johnson: Balsalms.
 Ellen Arkbro: For Organ And Brass.
 Patricia: Several Shades Of The Same Color.
 Jana Rush: Pariah.
 Sparks: Hippopotamus.
 Protomartyr: Relatives In Descent.
 Laraaji: Sun Gong.
 Dmitry Evgrafov: Comprehension Of Light.
 Alessandro Cortini:Avanti.
 Tyshawn Sorey: Verisimilitude.

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