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Love And Rockets


The Pixies

Happy Thanksgiving

Quote Of The Week

"Ours is an age which consciously pursues health, and yet only believes in the reality of sickness." Susan Sontag, from the Essay 'Simone Weil' from the book Against Interpretation and other essays

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Zola Jesus

Quote Of The Week

"This is the customary time when the defendant expresses regret for the crimes they committed, so let me do that because I am not without my regrets. I am here today to be sentenced for my participation in releasing mink from 6 fur farms. I regret it was only 6. I'm also here today to be sentenced for my participation in the freeing of 8,000 mink from those farms. I regret it was only 8,000. It is my understanding of those 6 farms, only 2 of them have since shut down. I regret it was only 2.

More than anything, I regret my restraint, because whatever damage we did to those businesses, if those farms were left standing, and if one animal was left behind, then it wasn't enough.

I don't wish to validate this proceeding by begging for mercy or appealing to the conscience of the court, because I know if this system had a conscience I would not be here, and in my place would be all the butchers, vivisectors, and fur farmers of the world.

Just as I will remain unbowed before this court- who would see me imprisoned for an act of conscience- I will also deny the fur farmers in the room the pleasure of seeing me bow down before them. To those people here whose sheds I may have visited in 1997, let me tell you directly for the first time, it was a pleasure to raid your farms, and to free those animals you held captive. It is to those animals I answer to, not you or this court. I will forever mark those nights on your property as the most rewarding experience of my life.

And to those farmers or other savages who may read my words in the future and smile at my fate, just remember: We have put more of you in bankruptcy than you have put liberators in prison. Don't forget that.

Let me thank everyone in the courtroom who came to support me today. It is my last wish before prison that each of you drive to a nearby fur farm tonight, tear down its fence and open every cage.

That's all"
-Peter Young

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The XX

The XX

Quote Of The Week

"We accept reality so readily-perhaps because we sense that nothing is real"
Jorge Luis Borges, from the story 'The Immortal'

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Cold Cave

Quote Of The Week

"But you know, no matter where we are
We're always touching by underground wires"- Of Montreal from the song 'The Past Is A Grotesque Animal' from the album
Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

Blank Dogs

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